Our history of helping the GOP get results from their advertising goes back to the early nineties!

The founder of our company was the media advisor to Pat Buchanan for President, Bob Dole for President, GW Bush for President, Pete Wilson for CA Governor, B-1 Bob Dornan for US Congress, Wes Cooley for Congress, and dozens more. He was a top 20 national political radio host who aired on over 200 stations for over 15 years. He was famous in elite DC circles as one of the best predictors of political things to come in America.

Our current political coordinator started in politics in the eighties by playing music at political events. We have been involved with GOP presidential races, senate, congressional (State & US), judges, state governors, county commissioners, school board members and others too numerous to mention!

Names and dates are withheld here to keep the “Big Tech” from marking us as a target. Just ask us when we talk on the phone, we’d be happy to share more info about the past.  Call 888-449-2526