You Must Connect Emotionally with Your Voter Base!

People don’t care about you or your message until you give them a reason to care.

Learn How to Maximize Your Ad Dollars!

Not all your money needs to be spent at one time. We will manage your advertising spend to maximize voter exposure during your campaign.

Motivating Your Voter Base to Action!

Political advertisement has two purposes. Branding is first so people remember your name.
The second is direct response, where you are motivating your voter base to action when it comes to raising funds and volunteering.

Affordable Political Advertising Rates

If you are new to political advertising or maybe you realize you don’t have the time to place all of your advertising, we do the following:

  • Radio advertising planning in your area
  • Low cost TV commercials
  • Radio ad script writing and creation
  • In-house production with voice over artists
  • Advertising that follows your campaign trail
  • Fix existing TV commercials
  • Pre advertising success screening
  • Provable track record

Ads that emotionally connect you to your voter base!

Making Great Commercials

Yes, it’s true that if people only knew about how amazing you are for your position, they would vote for you right away!
But you have to get them to care first when they don’t know about you and you need people to become emotionally connected with your messaging.
Therefore, you have to stop them in their tracks with some kind of compelling emotional appeal that will get them to pay attention.
Please watch this short video for more about that.

Making Commercials

We make radio and television that connect to the target audience emotionally! Whether you love an ad or hate an ad, you are responding emotionally.


Media Plans

We come up with concise media plans that are set for your budget and delivered to you on time. We will make sure everything is crystal clear for you.



With our SEO advertising method, we have proven over many years to stay on top of Google, Yahoo and Bing without spending money with them.

Web Security

Website security becomes a critical part of an advertising campaign! Realize more leads and sales when you protect your online assets.


Years of Advertising Experience

Successful Campaign Ads Placed

Million Dollars of Advertising Placed

Relationships with Media Vendors

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Political Media Planning

Look no further than GOP Help!

Our national advertising and marketing specialists takes the guesswork out of political advertising, from market research to media buying.
We can have commercials placed in any channel in North America!

Save money. Save time. Make a lasting impression. Get ads that make your campaign resonate with the donors who support American values! Our ads:

  • Are already done
  • Celebrate American values
  • Save you money
  • Make you resonate with your audience
  • Make an emotional impact
  • Make people want to watch
  • Appeal to a broad base
  • Are customized with your info

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